Friday 12 October 2012

Marie Stopes International moves in for the kill

The thought that a giant of the global abortion industry is intending to open a centre in Belfast to perform abortion will alarm many people. Especially as businesses like Marie Stopes International (MSI) have in the past shown as much contempt for laws protecting unborn children as they have for the children themselves.

If MSI is serious about the offering abortion as a service, it is difficult to imagine how this can be done without breaking the law. Despite the claims of abortion advocates, the law in the North is perfectly clear. Abortion is not healthcare, it is not a service, it is a criminal offence. Even helping to procure an abortion by making a referral to a centre in England is unlawful. Only when a woman’s life is seriously threatened can it even be considered. The idea that MSI can simply open a centre, get  doctors willing to approve abortions and can then start performing them, has no foundation in law. Unlike Britain doctors here cannot simply rubberstamp approval for an abortion. The decision must be based on a genuine clinical need and with modern medicine such cases are extremely rare. If challenged by legal authorities a doctors must be able to demonstrate that an abortion was necessary, that is, that the unborn child had to die and could not be saved. If this cannot be shown in Court then the doctor and all those who helped procure the abortion could face jail.

Abortionists may be used to breaking the law in Britain by performing sex-selection abortions on baby girls and falsifying paperwork but this is Northern Ireland. The pro-life people of the North will not standby and allow abortionists to change our law by breaking it. They need to know that the law will be enforced.

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