Sunday, 7 October 2012

A Day for Life

The Catholic Bishops of Ireland have designated Sunday 7 October 2012 as the annual Day for Life. The theme for this year is “Choose Life” and while I think it’s a bad idea for the pro-life movement to adopt the buzz-words of the abortion industry, the printed material distributed to Catholic churches across Ireland and the resources available on the website are pretty good. 

South of the border, pro-lifers are of course fighting to prevent the overthrow of the Constitutional protection of the Republic’s unborn children. This has undoubtedly helped to focus the thoughts of those behind the Day for Life this year. Previous themes have taken such a general approach that they have provided little, if anything, of value. The Olympic theme of the 2012 Day for Life in England & Wales is a good example of this. Anyone looking at the material produced for that campaign could be forgiven for thinking that 189,931abortions hadn’t actually taken place in the previous 12 months.

Naturally, distributing flyers to churches doesn’t guarantee that anyone will read them. The effectiveness of the campaign relies heavily on individual priests. At one church I attended over the weekend the Day for Life received only a glancing reference. This was a pity since a pro-abortion former politician was attending the Mass. Who can say what a forthright defence of the right to life may have achieved? If even abortion doctors can be converted to the pro-life cause then there must surely be hope for politicians. At a different parish, a different priest did an outstanding job in setting the absolute nature of the right to life, no apologies, no exceptions. 
Belfast pro-choice rally, 6 October 2012-
Thousands chose not to support it.

By an uncanny coincidence Saturday was the day for choice in Belfast. A rally began at 4 pm at the City Hall. By 4.35 pm when this photograph was taken, it was, in the words of one pro-choice demonstrator “just about over.” The turn out he told me was “pretty much what you see now.” He agreed that it was less than 100.

Rally for Life, Custom House Square, Belfast 7 July 2012.
A number of the protesters, (probably those with the drums) appear to have flown in from London for the event. 
It presented a stark contrast with the Rally for Life (pictured below) which Belfast hosted in July. With such a tiny turn-out for the pro-choice event, is it any wonder abortion advocates in Northern Ireland are always so bad tempered.

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